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       Nickel Plus® for Cotton

NIPAN LLC has developed a foliar nickel fertilizer called Nickel Plus for cotton.  Nickel Plus improves nitrogen efficiency in crops where urea nitrogen is applied.  Nickel Plus contains 5.4% nickel as nickel lignosulfonate and 10% nitrogen to assure efficient absorption by the foliage. Nickel has been known to be an essential plant micronutrient since the late 1980's but was not recognized by the American Association of Plant Food Control Officials until 2004.  

Coastal plain soils in the southeastern US contain very little nickel and fertilizer practices do not contribute supplemental nickel to crops. In the southwest, alkaline soils cause nickel to be unavailable to the roots.

Nitrogen is the most important cotton nutrient.  Nickel is required by the urease enzyme in plants for the efficient conversion of urea nitrogen to ammonia.  When the foliar concentration of nickel is less than 2.5 ppm Ni, the conversion of urea to ammonia is less efficient.

Symptoms of inadequate nickel nutrition include:
●    pale green and curled foliage
●    reduced growth, vigor and flowering
●    dwarfing, short internodes
●    reduced number of feeder roots

Rate and timing: Apply 8 oz/acre at pin head square or at 4 oz/acre in combination with the first and second application of a growth regulator used to control excessive vegetative growth.

Nickel has been extensively studied in other crops and has several significant roles in plant growth and development. Key benefits in cotton include:

●    Improved nitrogen efficiency
●    Stimulates natural defenses against plant diseases
●    Improved plant vigor and yield

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